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One of the most beloved sim games is Merge Plane. This one takes the highest places in charts and doesn’t seem to move from such a privileged position. Well, no wonder – Merge Plane with all planes is really awesome, incredibly addictive, and entertaining game. It combines everything you love about games, literally. First, the amazing graphics. Second, smart strategy. Third, incredible customization of planes. Forth, amazing puzzles and quests that make it more than just a mechanic simulator. If you are found of such kind of entertainment, you have to give it at least a quick try. We bet that you won’t stop that easily! The secret is that Merge Plane is different from most games of that kind. It is not about repeating a combination of the same moves time and time again. Instead, the game offers you new options, unique features, bonuses, items, and changes the conditions. The prices for planes are decided individually for every player. Also, you may combine your machines to create versions. Watch your moves and be sure that you have a strict plan to follow. Your mistakes can cost you too much! Actually, this makes the game more complex but interesting. If you like challenges and competitions, don’t forget to take part in the competition with other gamers. There is a chart to compare your achievements with the others and various tasks to accomplish. And this is your chance to prove that nobody knows the aircraft business better than you! There are multiple games in this franchise, so you should try them all. We hope you will enjoy Merge Plane and create the best company ever! Have fun.

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