Airplanes are awesome. Especially, when you own them. Not only you own them but also you can combine them together to get some unbelievable models of your own authorship. You can level up the old ones, buy new ones, invest in your company’s development and grow into the largest air businessman ever. Yes, you have guessed it right: we are talking about a famous aircraft company simulator you must be already familiar with. Those who like playing Merge Plane must be interested in some tricks and tips on how to make the game even more interesting. The game is incredibly interesting but there the only problem that prevents you from winning all planes in the world – money! You always need more. You need coins and gems to improve your craft and make your company grow. The better craft you have, the more money you will get in the future. However, you have to work hard to do so (and watch the annoying advertisement videos). Well, we are going to talk about some simple hacks you can try and get more valuable jewelry in a minute. You don’t need to wrack your brains trying to figure out how can you cheat in the game – we have already did everything for you. Numerous experiments and thousands of tries and now we have something to share with all aircraft fans. This is a perfect hack to get the money. It is safe and simple and has no serious bugs inside. We have already done our best to readjust some glitches and now it works much better. By the way, when you apply hacks to the game, you stay completely anonymous and your actions are all confidential, so don’t worry about any problems with your account. Check it out and see how you can build the bets airplane company faster and easier: you won’t have to apply extra efforts to receive the valuable jewelry, instead you can receive them automatically. Want to experience a completely new type of Merge Plane and feel yourself like a boss? Try it now!

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