Merge Plane 1.5.1

If aircraft is your passion than you will probable appreciate playing Merge Plane. This is an amazing financial simulator where you are an owner of the airplane company and have multiple options of making money. Your mission is to build the strongest and most successful airport with amazing flying machines and make your revenue grow with every new step. You can make combinations of planes and upgrade them constantly which is very important if you want to make your business successful. Level them up to make them faster and money will fall from the above like rain. If you are already familiar with titles like Train Merger and Cake Merger, you will recognize the good old gameplay. You grasp the combos, come up with financial strategies, invest your money in the most profitable options, making your collection better, and receive coins and jewelry. If you have a plenty of time, you won’t have to spend too much money since free planes and other goodies will appear from time to time. There are additional ways to receive money and items in the game. For example, you can talk to a plane-controller to receive some tasks from him. Once you perform those tasks successfully, you can receive prizes. Also, you will see the UFO plates in the sky and don’t forget to click them when they appear. Those flying objects offer bonuses for your patience. Click on them and they will offer an ad to watch. Of course, ads are always annoying, but when you watch them for amazing bonuses, they are not that bad. Actually, you can put away your phone and just let it play until you have a small rest from your business campaign.

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