Merge Plane 3

Looking for the most amazing and addictive strategic sim? Look no further – Merge Plane is exactly what you will appreciate for sure. We bet that this game will take thousands of your hours and bring you an absolutely amusing experience. In Merge Plane you will have to manage your aircraft wisely to become the best air-captain in the industry. What is more, you will buy/construct planes, put them to a track, complete tasks and quests, and compete with other players to prove that you are the best. Yes, this is the new mode available in the latest version of Merge Plane – the tournament. You will show your results and compare them with the results of other game fans. In the end, you will receive money if you win. Spend the money to purchase a new machine or to level up your favorite plane. Make sure that you provide your clients with the best flying services possible and help them travel around the world. By the way, when you improve your planes, don’t forget to place them on a track since this will bring you a passive income. Yes, the plane that just stands on the track brings you real money! Of course, this one should be your best model (the higher the level, the more coins you receive), but even if you put the 1-level one, it will still work. In fact, there are more than 50 planes to choose from. No doubt that every plane model has its own peculiarities and amazing features, but pick the ones that suit your collection and develop them into really amazing ones. There are rare and unique planes to discover. You will have to spend some time to learn what is the best way to earn money and what your business strategy should be. It is tempting to spend everything you have to get as many machines as your airport can allow, but don’t hurry that much. The game is not about accumulating aircraft, but coming up with smart ideas to maximize your income.

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