Merge Plane – Click & Idle Tycoon

Do you want to feel yourself as an owner of the plane business and a real captain? Well, you’ve got it! Try playing Merge Plane and control the entire airport with dozens of tracks and amazing machines. You will purchase, upgrade, and arrange flights to have fun and receive income. Show that you are the best financial strategist on the plane market and become the richest businessman ever. The game has a lot to offer: work to earn coins and jewelry that function as an in-game currency and enjoy numerous customization options. You can spend your money to get new planes or to make those you already have even better. Level the planes up to make them faster or combine them to create absolutely new versions of flying machines. Everything is limited by your fantasy only, so get the most of it! In addition to financial simulator, this game has also numerous quests. Check what a flying controller-guy has to purpose and get more money through your achievements. Puzzles, tournaments and quests are perfectly combined with a business and building strategies, so you won’t ever get bored with Merge Plane. Just be smart and make sure to anticipate your every move!

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