Merge Plane for PC

Strategy + simulation = a perfect game formula. If you agree with this, then you must be interested in Merge Plane. Find yourself in your dreams of having a large airplane company, controlling the flying tracks, buying new planes, and building some new models to your own taste. Serve your clients and gain more money when you become a successful entrepreneur. The game is not just about getting coins and spending them to get items. There are some tricky problems, puzzles, and quests you will have to pass. Also, you cannot just gain money and then spend them (which sounds pretty boring). Your aim is to understand how everything works in this fictional financial system and come up with efficient steps to make. Before you start playing the game, get ready for a really addictive gameplay. You will love playing it the whole day long despite the fact that it is not that simple to move through the levels. Your actions should be planned and well-thought or you risk to make moves that may spoil your condition. Make sure that you always track the prices since they will change all the time. The higher level you get, the more buying opportunities you will obtain. Moreover, when you purchase the same-level planes, remember that the prices for them become higher. It means that your second 1-level machine will cost your significantly more than your first one. And the price will progress further. In fact, you shouldn’t spend too much coins in the very beginning – wait for a while to receive more experience and then get planes of higher levels. Also, you will gather dozens of different plane models. There are more than 50 of them available and have to check them out. By the way, you can pick similar planes and build other models using the details of existing ones. This provides a nice customization option and you are most welcome to surprise your clients with unique flying transport. When you are done with the basic elements and items for your airlines, you can compete other players in a tournament. If you prove that you are the best, you will get the prize. However, make sure that you know what to do and have a good plan before you start competing with others. Real-life competitions in Merge Plane are very similar to the game of chess.

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