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Airplanes simulator Merge Plane is created for players who have always dreamt of becoming successful businessmen who own a real airport. You are the one who controls all the processes and moves. Provide good services, construct amazing machines, and your income will grow. There are more than fifty planes at your disposal and you can build new ones using the parts of those you already have. Also, you will discover some rare and unusual potions, so get ready to become more successful financial strategist with the tips we have for you. First, don’t hurry. The world of Merge Planes has some amazing rewards for the most patient players. You will receive free machines if you wait for a while. Also, you can watch the advertisement left by the game developers throughout the game and receive bonuses. Believe us, the bonuses are totally worth spending a minute of your precious time. Among them you will see coin boosters that multiple your income for a couple of times and speed increaser that will make your machines move faster. The temptation of spending is pretty high but remember – a good businessman is the one who tries hard to save and multiple his money not to spend them. Also, make sure that you pay attention to your best plane and apply upgrades to it. You should keep the planes you are proud of on the track so they will bring you passive income just because they are that awesome. It is one of the easiest way to earn more coins in the game. The other option for those who want to earn more money faster is tournaments. You will perform certain tasks and receive bonuses and prizes such as speed and income boosters. Of course, these services are really great, but you will have to apply significant efforts to receive them. Not only you can participate in tournaments with other players, but also there are numerous quests to discover. Don’t ignore them because it is a perfect option to gather a nice amount of coins and even gems. There is also a store available in the game. There are some purchasing options you should check out from time to time because they change regularly and some really unique ones appear.

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