Merge Plane: Star Trek

Want to know how is that like to control the entire airport? Merge Plane is a game that brings you an experience of that kind. Purchase planes, upgrade them into absolutely unique machines of your own authorship, and who knows what else is waiting for you in this game. Maybe, you are the one to become the most famous plane captain of all times? Let’s check this out! Mind these simple tips to get all the best planes.
When you keep the game screen open for a while, chances are that your will receive free plains of the first level for free. So you can just wait for a while if you don’t want to spend your coins and earn a machine without spending a single cent. However, don’t overdo with the 1-level planes – you will need better and more powerful planes on your track, so keep some free space for them. By the way, if you hate watching ads as any other player, you might change your mind with Merge Plane. This game provides you with gifts when you watch the videos. If you have enough free time, you can work less and get more by watching ads and waiting for free planes to occur. Next, be aware that the prices for new planes will increase every time you buy them. All the prices are set in the individual way, so don’t be surprised that they will change automatically along with your level. When you buy cheap planes at the beginning, remember that they will cost more and more after you do so for a couple of times. Therefore, you cannot just buy everything you see. Make sure that you have a strategy and do it smartly. First, get some low-level planes, then get some better ones, and so on. Keeping your best planes on a track is important. When you place it on a track, it will bring you money even at times when you are not actually merging. You can rest assured that your best plane is bringing you money while the new ones are in process of creation (or while you are waiting for free ones to emerge). The more high-level planes you have on the track, the more income you will receive, so take care of this point. Don’t forget to use the speed increaser and make your planes two-times faster. This way, your income will be doubled as well. This increaser can be activated by watching an ad or giving a small amount of jewelries. And yes, watch the skies: the UFOs are offering some bonus items, so you don’t want to miss them. Despite the fact that you will need to watch an ad again to receive the prize, we reassure that it is totally worth it. The best bonus is a coin-multiplier that makes your rewards five times higher. Get it and see money falling on your head from the sky!

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