Space Trek Quests

Are you ready to start a brand new airline empire? Well, if you do, then make sure to give Merge Plane a try. This game is designed just the same way as many other merge-type titles, where you have to learn how to make the most successful moves, combine them into one business strategy, get money and improve your items all the time. You will have to show how good you are at financial planning, since your choices and investment decisions will have a serious impact on the way your airline company will develop. The gameplay allows you to spend less coins and gems if you agree to spend some time waiting for free planes to appear. Actually, this is a great option and you shouldn’t ignore it. Remember, a good captain is the one that cares about saving and multiplying rather than spending. So you wait for the free planes to appear and get them to your collection instead of buying. Next, you are much encouraged to watch some advertisement video present in the game. For instance, there is a UFO object that allows you to watch short ads for amazing prizes. Click it every time you see it in the sky. The prizes you receive for ads are really amazing, since they can double and triple your income as well as increase the functionality and speed of your machines.

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